Thursday, February 11, 2010

So I've written a script.

Short script. 4.5 pages. 1 location. 2, maybe 3 actors.

I'm sitting outside of the green room in the Theater Department trying to flag down some actors for auditions, when suddenly it hits me - this - in my final months of college - will be my first real film.

I've written scripts before, but I've never actually seen it through completion into anything halfway decent. Whenever it came down to shooting, I had no actors or crew lined up, so I would just turn the camera on myself, cut out any dialogue (because I hate the way my voice sounds when recorded), and set the whole thing to music. Yes, every film I've tried to do has devolved into a wretched music video starring myself. Sure I would try to justify it to myself by calling it a trippy art film, but let's be honest. It was just crap.

So I've written a script. Been working on it for several years in fact. The trouble with script writing is every professor I ever had kept telling me to trim away the fat, "kill your darlings," etc. But I never knew when to stop. So initially the script had no beginning or real ending, because I had just kept whittling it down. But with some thoughtful input from my classmates, I've beefed it back up to something pretty decent. And only 2 weeks into the semester. And now I'm looking for actors. I'm optimistic that this may be the first script I've written that will result in a final product I can be proud of.