Monday, February 22, 2010

This isn't working

I guess this is a story that has been told and retold ever since film was invented: One of the members of my 3-person crew is a total jackass. I knew him from the previous semester, he was always the laid-back joker of the class. But I figured since he was, you know, taking a freaking production class this year, he was actually going to be willing to, you know, help out a bit.

Let's start at the beginning. When him, me, and another dude created this team, he was talking about all the great ideas he had for films and how he wanted to do his project first and whatnot. And me, I'm pretty easygoing, so I'm like yeah that's fine. Week two rolls around and the professor is like, okay everyone turn in your scripts for the first project. And I look over at Jackass and he's just sitting there with a WTF expression on his face. I said, hey, I have a short 3 page script on my flash drive right now, we can do mine instead. So that's what happened. My team was already behind in the second week of class and I single-handedly got us out of that mess.

So we were doing my project, that much was settled. A few script revisions later, and we were ready to cast. So me and the non-jackass 3rd member of our team do auditions over the weekend. Then today, Jackass leans over and asks me how I found actors. Craigslist, I respond, why? Apparently, he thought we were casting students from the school, despite the fact that our professor himself had said we should try to find actors that fit the part. And there weren't any mid-to-late thirties, seasoned detective looking fellows studying drama on campus. So we had to go through a different channel.

Then five minutes later, I get a text and it's from Jackass, who mistakenly sent it to me. It's him bitching about how I used Craigslist to find actors. Apparently he was trying to send it to the 3rd member of our group, who, by the way, was in the loop and helping with the casting, which is more than I can say for our dear friend Mr. Jackass. So I look over at Jackass and I say, what the hell man, if you have a problem, don't go bitching about it behind my back, say it to my face. Evidently, he thought we were just casting whatever creeps responded to our ad first (which was rather offensive, did he really think I was that stupid?), and he didn't want some weirdos off of Craigslist in his parent's house (where we are going to film, and is, so far, the only helpful thing he has done to assist the production). I had to calm him down and convince him that 1) Craigslist is the go-to place for students at our school when it comes to casting, 2) We only responded to those that provided headshots and resumes, and 3) that everyone I auditioned were already attached to another student film I was involved in. Fed up, I told him if he cared so much the least he could have done was shown up on Sunday and taken an interest in the casting process. I couldn't believe this conniving asshole. Was he really prepared to see the production go down in flames because he had an issue with a part of the process he couldn't even help out with? For fuck's sake. He finally did back off but not before he admitted he didn't give a shit about my script and he wanted to do some shitty generic Blair Witch horror film of his own. Fuck you. You didn't have your script ready, I did. I saved your sorry ass.

Also, I would learn, even though all the characters in the script are cops, he waited until now to tell me that both his parents are in law enforcement and he could provide uniforms. I've been breaking my back trying to get the actors prepared with wardrobe. What a jackass.

On that note, our next film is going to be some shitty generic Blair Witch horror film.