Friday, December 10, 2010

Work at last.

So I did it, got my first big gig. "Big" here meaning long term - it's a series of accounting lectures for web distribution. So it's not a major motion picture or anything, but it's a month and a half, $15 an hour, over 150 hours of footage to shoot...this is major. And it's freaking easy. Basically there's this Accountant dude who's trains people to pass the CPA exam. We're filming the video lecture portion of the training package that he charges 2k for. Just him in front of a dry erase board and me behind a camera. Seeing as all I gotta do is press record (we're recording directly to a computer) and pan to keep him in frame as he walks around, this is a steal.

It's been going quite well, it's just that after 6 weeks of being stuck in a San Francisco office suite with one other guy...we're gonna hate each other by the end. And the fact that I fried the wireless mic receiver (tried to run it off wall power without checking the voltage - d'oh!), putting us 2 days behind schedule, didn't help either. But he didn't fire me, because apparently I'm infinitely better that his previous 2 videographers he went through - one couldn't even pan the camera properly - what the fuck? So despite all my flaws, he's convinced I'm a freaking wunderkind. I love these jobs where the people that hire you don't know shit about video, so when you show up, even if you know just a little more than them, you're automatically the genius in the room.

In the meantime, I'm trying to line up some more paid gigs after this one. I just might have taken my first step into the world of freelancing. God it's awesome to be self employed - wait, what's this about a 15.3% tax? Ffffffffff...