Sunday, January 2, 2011

So I'm watching "Independence Day," when suddenly ARRRRGGGHHH

I know this film isn't deep or anything, but whenever I'm hankering for a mindless action flick, Roland Emmerich always delivers. And JEFF GOLDBLUM IS AWESOME.


So I get to that scene after they finally destroy the ships and all the refugees in the bunker are cheering.

And this is what I see.
Good grief sir! A bucket hat and a leather vest, and not much else. I know that the majority of these refugees were hicks, but this dude looks like he got lost on his way to Folsom Street Fair.

And what's with the dude under him humping the towel?

This has become something of a habit of mine, spurred by my own experiences as an extra on movie sets...I like looking at the folks in the background of a scene, picking out showboaters, camera-hogs, and generally strange looking folks.