Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 is gonna be awesome.

Not much film work comes through the SF Bay Area. But we've barely started a new year and the rumblings of upcoming productions are already pretty deafening - we got "Take the Money and Run," a Jerry Bruckheimer produced game show shooting - one of my friends got PA work on that, lucky dog!

Steven Soderbergh's Contagion is shooting some scenes locally, Philip Kaufman's Hemingway & Gelhorn will be entirely shot in SF, despite not taking place here. They're using one of the old piers as a soundstage and building sets to stand in for a variety of American and European cities! And it's a period piece!

Then the JJ Abram's produced Alcatraz will be shooting its pilot in February. If it's picked up I pray it continues to be shot in the area - how do you film a show about Alcatraz in a freaking Hollywood backlot?? Then again, Psych has been successful for years despite having Canada double for Santa Barbara (!!!). Edit 1/21: It's as I feared: I just found out they're only in town for a few days shooting exteriors. The rest will be filmed in ...Canada. Fuck you, Canada.

If no crew opportunities arise from these (I'm hopeful but not optimistic) I'd still love to get my butt on set and do extra work on these. So far I've played a Muslim, a mourner, a student, a bus passenger (twice), a bodyguard, a cameraman, and most recently a cop! The last one was cool cause it was the first time I got sent to wardrobe to put on a whole costume. I put on this cop uniform, with the belt, gun, cuffs, nightstick...felt like a badass. Almost went on a power trip. The fact that the scene was a line of cops protecting foreign dignitaries from protesters didn't help. I started swinging my nightstick around and almost went Stanford Prison Experiment on their unruly asses.

I've kinda developed a bucket list of sorts of roles I'd love to get cast in - I'd love to do a period piece and get decked out in some turn of the century (that is to say last century) garb, with mandatory costume fittings and stuff - I have immense respect for costumers!, I'd love to do some crazy neon mid-80's getup, I would just about lose my shit if I got to play a soldier, I figure it would be great to die at least once on screen, and it sounds totally awful but it would be sweet to play a Nazi. What? The Germans had badass uniforms. You know I'm right.