Sunday, April 17, 2011

Background Bucket List

Well, with those 7 awesome days working background on Hemingway & Gellhorn done, I can now start checking some serious items off my so-called "Background Bucket List" - all the crazy, awesome shit I'd like to do on camera before I die.

On this last production alone I can say that I finally:
  • Got to be in a period piece
  • Got to play a soldier (WW2 Era)
  • Got to play foreign (Spanish)
  • Got issued a firearm
  • Got to shoot said firearm
  • Got my own unique wardrobe fitted and assigned
  • Got hair and makeup
  • Got bloody
  • Got to be in a war scene
  • Got to be around explosions
My previous triumphs were:
  • Playing a cop
  • Playing a news cameraman
Probably some of the biggest items on my list I'd love to check off are:
  • Filming in a remote location that requires being flown in by helicopter or something awesome like that
  • Being a featured extra employed for the bulk of filming.
Moneyball came close to the last one, where I played a press member for 8 out of the 10 days they shot in my region, but the bulk of filming was done elsewhere. What I'm talking about is like playing one of the background pirate crew members in the Pirates of the Caribbean films or one of the lucky "passengers" employed throughout the entire filming of Titanic. That would be glorious.

Other things on the list:
  • I'd like to die onscreen
  • Dress douchey/fratboyish
  • Wear some wacky mid 80's neon outfit
  • Play a zombie
  • Play a zombie victim
  • Play a terrorist
  • Play a gangster
  • Play a nerd
  • Play a soldier (modern)
  • Play a soldier ('Nam)
  • Play a soldier (Nazi)
Last one sounds bad, but come on, I could totally rock Hugo Boss.

How long before I'm forced to accept that maybe I should become a career extra? Seriously, most of the money I made last year was from being in front of the camera.