Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Again...

The job was that of Camera Dept. PA. It paid $125 per day. And it was a television cooking program, meaning I'd be getting some consistent work. It was, as we on the outside looking in say, "hella legit."

And it would have been mine, but I could never get in contact with Jon, the producer. The number he gave me was always either busy, an answering machine, or an unhelpful bored-sounding fellow at the other end.

I kept calling. I called twice the first day, and Captain Bored and Unhelpful said he'd pass my info on. I called every hour the next day, and got Captain Bored and Unhelpful again, who re-took my info to pass on. I called every 20 minutes the third day, and got a Captain Cheery and Helpful, who actually texted the producer who was on set. Shit, I should have gotten Captain B&U to do that instead of scribbling my info down on what I assume was a scrap of paper to pass on to the producer at his leisure. Because Captain C&H called me back within a half hour to say Jon had responded...that was sorry he'd been so difficult to get a hold of, and that "he found someone else" for the position.


Another potential big break let slip from my grasp.

I have nobody to blame but myself, and admitting that makes me nauseous. I could have called with even more frequency... I could have asked for an alternate phone number that might work better, or even the office's address so I could come down for a walk-in... I could have checked my email earlier in the day so I'd have seen the message sooner... I could have had a smart phone that gives me email alerts instead of this shitty flip top fossil...

At least now I know that letting a person "take down your info to pass on to the boss when he comes in" is probably equivalent to flushing your job applications down the toilet for all the responses you'll get. Have that asshole send a text instead next time.


Wondering if I should have run away and joined the circus when I had the chance.