Friday, July 15, 2011

Jesse Heiman, I'm coming for you.

So, I got some extra work on the new P.T. Anderson film while it was in town.

I got a call within two days of them beginning the casting process, and had a fitting during the first week of shooting. Hilariously, they never used me until literally the last day of production - the crew had already been working for 16 hours or so when the 50 or so of us extras showed up at holding. With the crew running on fumes, the shoot was extremely rushed, and decisions were made to scrap entire camera angles for our scene. When we left about 8 hours later, other extras were just arriving for their scenes - so it was a very assembly-line-like fashion in which these last few scenes were being rushed through.

So that was that. But the real kicker here was that I received my 3rd union voucher, which means I'm now SAG eligible.