Saturday, September 17, 2011

Progress and Changes

So this TV episode I worked on finally aired. And my name was in the credits. Screen-capped that shit and put it up on facebook. Don't worry, I'm not becoming vain. I've earned bragging rights for the time being, but if I'm still boasting about this one triumph in a few months, then we have a problem. Might as well get my kicks now before this becomes just "work."


Currently, 90% of my work comes from listings on Craigslist. On the gig I mentioned above, (which I got thanks to the list of Craig) I was talking the other PAs about how we each scored the job, and one of them mentioned she heard the production coordinator say he literally just hired the first five people who responded to the ad.

Every ad on Craigslist gets hundreds of responses, and your chances of getting the gig diminish exponentially, literally, every minute you delay.