Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Above is the result of some quick thinking while gripping on another music video. (In fact, it was the same director/production company/etc as the last one I did) The first problem encountered was that we were absent the mount for this 4ft. 2-bank Kino Flo fixture. Fortunately, these Kino Flos are super lightweight and I simply kept the whole thing upright by clamping it with a gobo head. The second issue reared it's ugly head when when I plugged it in. And the tubes did not light up. Turns out the connectors on both of the tubes were busted - the part with the copper plates was separating from the housing that clamped onto the pins and held them in contact. So I devised this solution of using a pair of c-74s. Skills!

Now, if you're wondering why I'm creaming my shorts over an accomplishment that a more experienced individual would consider to be all in a day's work, well, let me explain. Honestly, I was starting to worry that all this line of work entailed was following orders, and that there wouldn't be moments for me to come up with creative solutions on the fly and "stand out" as an individual. But I guess there's no shortage of those moments after all. This tiny victory is just the morale boost I needed.


Just bought The Grip Book by Michael G. Uva and The Set Lighting Technician's Handbook by Harry C. Box. Geeked out and read them all in two days. Afterwards, still on a geeky high, I hit Home Depot to load up on the recommended tools of the trade. I think G&E is the place for me...

...Happy Thanksgiving...