Thursday, March 28, 2013

Long Story Short...

...I got my dream job. By which I mean a long-term gig. Still "just a PA" but it's consistent employment for at least a month and a half.

The downside - no OT. The rate is flat based on a 12 hour day, and production "tries" to keep us on schedule. The days average 13-14 hours. Today was, miraculously, only 10. Which is why I'm able to turn on my computer for the first time in a week and punch this post out before diving into bed and taking full advantage of this whopping 12 hour turnover.

The upside - vertical mobility. There is incredible room for career advancement with this production company. Much of the current crew - an AC, a grip, the sound guy, one of our directors - all started as a PA. Just yesterday they had me fill in on the grip team (and increased my pay accordingly).

I worked a grand total of 5 days in February. 2 of those days were boom op gigs in a city 90 minutes away because that was how desperate I was. Of course sound is not my forte, and I fucked up an hour of audio that was finally recovered but at great financial cost which will be summarily deducted from my paycheck...if I ever get it.

But now that I have this solid block of work in the bag, all the job offers are coming in...I had two commercials offered to me during my first week of work. As they say, when it rains, it pours. And since they were on a weekend, I actually could have done them! But I was so beaten down after 5 days of work (yep, gotta build that stamina back up...) I declined both offers, opting instead to spend my weekend in bed. Yes... I actually refused work.

To sleep.

Which is what I'm going to do right n

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  1. It never fails -- you get nothing, nothing, nothing, and then finally a nice job falls into your lap, at which point the phone suddenly won't stop ringing with other, often more attractive jobs.

    There is no God, and She hates us...

    But you're doing the right thing -- riding the horse you came in on. Jumping ship is tempting, but won't be forgotten by those you bail on. They'll understand WHY you left, but odds are they'll burn your phone number.

    This sounds like a good gig anyway, offering variety and the opportunity for advancement. And never underestimate the value of semi-long term employment...