Sunday, August 11, 2013


It's been almost exactly 3 years since I embarked on this journey to make a living freelancing in this crazy industry. But now that the impenetrable forest of shitty reality TV, no-budget indies, and low budget music videos is giving way to a bountiful clearing of consistent work in scripted TV, I'm finding that although I have more and more things to talk about now, most of it has already been said by the other - and far more esteemed - industry bloggers out there. As I've gotten closer to my goal my point of view has become less unique, the perspective less refreshing, the experiences less vivid. And I'm afraid I have no more to offer here.

I know when something has run its course...I watch a lot of television after all. It's an embarrassment  when a tv show reaches it's logical conclusion but then someone upstairs decides to squeeze one more season out of it.

I started this blog as an account of me growing from a college graduate who couldn't even set a C-Stand. Admittedly, it has helped me along the way, using it as an outlet to vent my frustrations, failures, fears, and celebrate my triumphs (I re-read my entire blog, and found a post where I basically spend 10 paragraphs high-fiving myself for working my first one-day cooking show gig. So dumb...)

Though if you're hungry for that unique recent-film-school-graduate-getting-a-facefull-of-reality perspective, look no further than Delusions of Fresh Meat which has that market pretty much cornered.

Many thanks to all 3 of you who actually read this stuff...